"Our mission is to put the quality back into the work and truly stand accountable for the product."

-Rich Miller ​President


Monitoring Packages

Land Line Monitoring


*Requires a Traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Landline

*Transmits Alarm Signals and Panic Alarms Only to Central Station

*Extremely Susseptable to Cut by Accident or Design

*Requires Routine Test to Central Station to Ensure Connectivity

*Monitoring Billed Quarterly, SemiAnnual or Annual

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Cellular/GSM Monitoring


*Requires NO Traditional POTS Landline

*Requires Compatible System with Cellular Connection

*Free App for Most Smartphones

*Allows Operation/Forensics from Web or Smartphone

*No Hard Line for Perpertrators to Cut or Disable

*Allows for Home Automation, Locks, Lights, Thermostats 

*Monitoring Billed Quarterly, SemiAnnual or Annual